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Xinhua: Astronaut Designing the Strongest Brain for Missiles
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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 30 June (Reporter Hu Zhe) From China's first-class surface-to-air missile weapon control system to the new generation of defense missile weapon control system, there are such a group of people, one after another with nearly perfect flight tests to raise China's prestige.

"Do the earth shaking things, do the hidden celebrities." They are the astronauts who design the "strongest brain" for missiles. As the design team of missile control system in China, Zhang Yiqun Research Laboratory of the Second Academy of Aerospace Science and Engineering undertakes many tasks of design and test of defensive missile control system in China, creating the first of many missile weapons in China. In this team, nearly 70% of the party members to lead the role of vanguard model, with innovation and action marking a new height in the development of space industry, write the history of the struggle of space party members.

Thousands of miles of needles: the strongest brain for missiles

Zhang Yiqun's research lab is responsible for designing control centers for missiles and building the "strongest brain" for missiles.

Speaking of the requirement of missile control accuracy, Wang Mengyi, former director of Zhang Yiqun's research laboratory and deputy director of the Second Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology of China, said, "It is not too much to describe it as a"needle lead from a thousand miles away."

Wang Mengyi introduced that the development of a new generation of defense missiles is very difficult, and only a few countries in the world can grasp it. However, for all the researchers in Zhang Yiqun's research institute, their job is to "make impossible possible".

Breaking through classic methods, penetrating frontier theories, and daring to disrupt innovation. In Zhang Yiqun's research lab, this innovation team, whose average age is less than 32 years old, is facing the changing new situation and challenges, and the pace of innovation never stops.

"The development cycle of the new generation of weapons and equipment requires a reduction of more than 70% compared with the previous generation of products. High-quality project demonstration, technical design and verification must be completed in a short time, so as to reduce the cost of research and development and improve the quality of equipment." Zhang Yiqun Research Branch Youth Committee member Wang Xiaodong said.

Facing this requirement, the researchers of Zhang Yiqun Research Laboratory innovatively applied the automation technology of knowledge work in a certain type of product, innovated the design method of control system, shortened the design period from several months to several days, and guaranteed the consistency and reliability of design quality, and improved the control system remarkably. Unified design efficiency and design level.

There are two big cabinets for a parametric draft.

"The guidance system is only a tiny drop, and missile flight is a thousand miles." In Zhang Yiqun's research lab, the "one-time success" and "careful and careful" Aerospace style have been integrated into their blood and genes.

Whether it is an office in the western suburbs of Beijing or a shooting range in the depths of the desert, it is the responsibility and mission of Zhang Yiqun's research laboratory to "study the mechanism, cite one example and reverse the three, and speak with data".

According to Zhao Mingyuan, the team leader of Zhang Yiqun's research lab, in order to find out the reasons for the abnormal data exposed during a certain test, he and his colleagues searched over 100 interfaces, calculated tens of thousands of ballistics, worked hard for more than 300 hours, traversed all the possibilities, and finally found the root cause of the problem.

"The ultimate assessment of new technology is the successful missile flight test." Zhao Mingyuan told reporters that during a flight test on the grassland, the missile exploded at high altitude, scattering debris in dozens of square kilometers of grass, nearly one person high. In order to find the debris and locate the cause of the failure, the experimental team sent a commando team composed mainly of Party members to form a "wall of people", looking for six days to find the debris, the team members knee pain can hardly move.

This is the team of Zhang Yiqun's lab, which will fill two cabinets with the sketch paper of the deduction algorithm for a key technical parameter, and will carry out experiments for 10 consecutive days and nights in order to find an anomaly that occurs only once every 60,000 times until satisfactory results are obtained.

"After years of practice, the Zhang Yiqun research room has developed a spirit.  This spirit is "bold in innovation, diligent in learning, good at tackling key problems and willing to give up." Zhang Yiqun research branch secretary of the Party branch Fang Xiulian said.

Tenacity and perseverance: national interests are above everything else.

Science itself is interesting, but the process of scientific research is long and boring. In the field of defense research, which has long been buried in secret, it is undoubtedly necessary to stand up to loneliness and sit on the bench.

"Tough, persistent, and constantly approaching perfection." As a model worker in China, Zhang Yiqun admits that it is a great honor and a heavy responsibility to hand over sticks to the glorious collective and name them after themselves.

National interests are above everything else. Faced with the increasingly complex social environment and demands, all the Party members and staff of Zhang Yiqun Research Laboratory have maintained their precious perseverance and purity.

Xue Qingyu, a young designer in Zhang Yiqun's research lab, told reporters that people in the team are basically "come here if you're all right." Whether it's weekends or after 10 p.m., we often see overtime colleagues.

While building the cornerstone of homeland security, the Party branch of Zhang Yiqun Research Laboratory also actively repays the society and fulfills the social responsibilities of astronauts: to set up a "caring fleet" to open up the Sun Village, the Home of Children's Hope and the School for the Development of Mental Intelligence to carry out Lei Feng's voluntary service activities; to set up a "science popularization propaganda group" to enter the primary school classrooms for migrant children. To popularize space science knowledge and to spread space culture.

On the eve of the National Day in 2017, the Party branch of Zhang Yiqun Research Laboratory shocked the public service advertisement of "Party member idol" in the form of group portraits, and put on line at railway stations and high-speed railway stations all over Beijing.

Under the vast stars, wearing white test clothes, back to the magnificent mountains and rivers, to astronauts'responsibility and responsibility, confident, proud to praise the motherland.

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