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    The Key Laboratory of High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies (KLHPM) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in 2005. It was formally established in 2008. Its predecessor was the "High Power Klystron Research Laboratory" established by the 1959 Institute. It is one of the earliest research institutes engaged in microwave electronics and the development of high power microwave vacuum electronic devices in China.

    Key laboratory research directions:

1. Broadband and high power klystron

2. Multi beam klystron

3. High power klystron

4. Millimeter wave Gyrotron

5. New millimeter wave and terahertz devices

    It provides the core electronic devices and key technical support for various microwave electronic systems such as radar, rocket, electronic countermeasures and accelerator in China. The field of civil military integration can be applied to large microwave drying equipment (marble, grain, etc.). The key laboratory has the capability of developing and producing more than 300 high-power microwave vacuum electronic devices in an average year.

(1) broadband and high power klystron for Radar:

Working frequency band: L, S, C and X band.

(2) broadband multi beam klystron for Radar:

Working frequency band: L, S, C and X band.

(3) high power klystron for radar, high energy particle accelerator and container detection.

Working frequency band: L, S, C and X band.

(4) millimeter wave gyrotron amplifier and oscillator:

Working frequency: Ka and W segments
(5) new millimeter wave and terahertz devices:

Working band: X, Ku, Ka, W and THz band.

(6) high performance antenna switch tubes for radar
Working band: L, S band