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  • FPGA Algorithm Engineer


    1, undertake the development of radar signal processing subsystem, unit and module based on FPGA.

    2. Responsible for the overall design and software and hardware development of signal processing FPGA based on radar projects.

    3, cooperate with the system engineer to design and evaluate the signal processing function.

    4, a high level engineer should be responsible for the sub system / unit / module leader.

    5. Responsible for the task sheet formulation, outline design, detailed design of the FPGA design, engineering simulation and coding, logic synthesis, implementation and timing analysis, sub-system/unit/module testing.

    Job requirements:

    1. Master Degree in Signal and Information Processing or Electronic, Communication and Information Systems, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, etc.

    2. More than two years experience in FPGA design and development.

    3. Participated in the development of radar signal processing subsystem or radar echo simulator.

    4. Mastering VHDL or Verilog HDL language has better coding ability.

    5. Familiar with Xilinx or Altera FPGA development process, familiar with modelsim, ISE, Vivado, Quartus II and other development tools; Familiar with Verilog or VHDL language; 6. Familiar with the use of oscilloscope, spectrum instrument and signal generator debugging tools;

    7. Use MATLAB software skillfully to pre-process radar signals such as up/down conversion, filtering, extraction, pulse compression and so on.

    8, master commonly used high-speed interface AD/DA, RapidIO, DDR2/DDR3, PECI and so on;

    9. Have a deep understanding of the chip structure of Xilinx and Altera's FPGA, and be familiar with the chip application skills.

    10. With high-speed, wide-bandwidth AD/DA, RapidIO, DDR2/DDR3, SPI, I2C, UART interface design, as well as real-time communication between FPGA and DSP, with radar signal processing system debugging capabilities;

    11. Good command of English and proficient in reading English materials.

  • Algorithm logic Engineer
    1. responsible for the design of communication codec algorithm and Matlab simulation.
    2. responsible for FPGA implementation of logical interfaces and mathematical analysis of related data;
    3. cooperate with relevant designers to complete the whole system or single machine verification and testing.
    4. responsible for organizing and writing technical documents in the field.
    Job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and communications, familiar with a variety of bus protocol standards, such as: CPCI, PCI-E, optical port, network interface, DDR and other related interface protocols and standards, and proficient in one or more of them;
    2. Proficient in MATLAB programming and related toolbox, familiar with the common functions of MATLAB development, such as RS code, Turbo code, convolutional code, CRC check, LDPC, and so on, and fixed-point. At the same time, it can perform mathematical analysis of specific data objects through Matlab.
    3. Proficient in Verilog/VHDL, good code style, proficient in FPGA architecture, related level standards, design methods and development process, familiar with high-speed FPGA IO protocol and its design, such as RapidIO, Aurora. And proficient in the development tools (ISE, Quartus, Modelsim, etc.), comprehensive, layout, wiring have a profound understanding and understanding, and proficient in FPGA logic timing analysis;
    4. master and use related instruments, such as oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal source, etc.
    5. strong problem analysis and solving skills, team spirit.
    6. strong debugging ability and problem analysis ability, team work spirit;
  • Golang Engineer


    1. responsible for the system design, development and maintenance of the company's products.

    2. complete the development tasks on time, independently and with high quality to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the products.

    3. maintain, upgrade and optimize existing systems, and quickly analyze and solve complex technical problems.

    4. prepare related documents and assist other departments to carry out work.


    Job requirements:

    1. bachelor degree or above in computer science, two years or above Internet development experience.

    2. familiar with Java language, have some basic knowledge of Golang, and understand ELK architecture is better.

    3. high load, high concurrent design experience, distributed system design and development experience.

    4. strong executive power and good teamwork and communication skills.

    5. be good at finding, analyzing, summarizing and solving problems.

    6. Excellent learning ability, positive initiative, conscientious and responsible, have strong communication skills and teamwork spirit;